Our Health System

Yalobusha Health Services is a Mississippi community health care system located in the heart of the Tri-Lakes area. The hospital serves Yalobusha County and the surrounding area. Yalobusha Health Services has a 26 bed Hospital, 122 bed Nursing Home and 5 medical Clinics, that employs over 300 professionals who provide nurturing care to those needing all types of medical services. Skilled nurturing care is the pride of Yalobusha Health Services. The physicians, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals will work in partnership with you to meet your healthcare needs.

Yalobusha Health Services prides itself on our 50-year history of providing neighborly care to our community. Patients and visitors are greeted with smiles and are often on a first name basis with our staff. We want our patients to feel like family - a member of our Yalobusha Health Services family.

At Yalobusha General, "Neighbors Caring for Neighbors" is not just our motto, It is our mission!

A word from our Administrator, Jessica Embry

Welcome to our new site! We are excited to be able to provide our patients and community with an updated feel when it comes to Yalobusha Health Services. YGH has undergone a lot of changes the past 10 years and we are excited about the future opportunities as we continue to transform our facility.

“Neighbors Caring for Neighbors” …that is what we strive for here at Yalobusha.

We want to create a feeling of home, care and concern and hope that our patients feel it when they leave the facility.

As we transition through the next few years and offer more services to our community we ask that you continue to support your local hospital and continue to be a part of the YGH family.

Thank you for your continued support- Jessica Embry, Administrator